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    Tonic Gold is an authentic alchemical elixer made by the alchemist Petri Murian. The stuff is liquid truth, concentrated sunshine in a bottle. One drop on your tongue each morning steadily builds the matrix in your energetic body to hold more consciousness. Most people do not feel anything. What they report is noticing beneficial coincidences occurring beyond all reasonable probability. If this sounds like a fun experiment to try then you have found the right website.

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    You may have heard legends about alchemy, the ancient science of transformation. What you may not know is that the practice of alchemy still exists. The tradition has been carried on through the centuries and can now be safely revealed.

    Alchemical Transformation In A Bottle

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  • The Original Alchemical Elixir

    During the past 40 years an understanding has grown of the value of health foods, vitamins, minerals, natural herbs and nutritional food supplements. As comprehension grows, more and more people make use of nutritional supplements for life-extension, intelligence increase, and spiritual development. Now that there is a sufficient body of understanding in place the next level of assistance has become available: alchemical Tonic Gold.
    Tonic Gold is an authentic alchemical elixir that uses its own intelligence to harmonize and balance your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It optimizes your constitutional energies. With each use Tonic Gold transports the physio-psycho-mystical system to its next natural level of well-being. The effect of Tonic Gold is organic and stable, that is, the benefit does not vanish if use is discontinued, as with, for example, vitamins. Further use of Tonic Gold produces further development.

    Ingredients: Fructose, Grape Alcohol (28%); Oakwood Salts; Oils of: Anise, Turmeric, Ginger, Orange, Lemon, Bitter Melon, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Clove and Red Chili.
    Indications: Tonic Gold works previous to the level of constitution so it benefits weak, average and strong constitutions alike. Tonic Gold is integrative and directly supports transformational processes. Tonic Gold amplifies the value of other medicines and treatments.
    Suggested Usage: Shake vigorously before each use. Take 1-3 drops (1 drop is quite sufficient to receive the full benefits). Take the drops on the tongue in the morning first thing when you wake up, before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Wait at least 2 minutes before you speak or breathe through your mouth. Wait at least 20 minutes before eating or drinking. It is recommended to start with 2 bottles for the initial treatment. If you take 2 drops a day, one bottle will last you about 2 months. Store at room temperature.



    Petri Murien - the Alchemist

    The French alchemist Petri Murien exclusively handcrafts Tonic Gold in limited quantities in his laboratory in India. He is one of the world's foremost traditional alchemists. He studied alchemy with masters in both the Eastern and Western traditions. His work of thirty years is a continuation of that of Paracelsus, the famous 16th century alchemist, and Rudolf Steiner, the 20th century founder of Anthroposophic Medicine and Waldorf Education.

    Petri’s unique expertise is required to capture the universal essence that vivifies this powerful golden elixir. Tonic Gold is unequaled in quality and requires a year to prepare.


  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What makes Tonic Gold different from herbal supplements?

    Tonic Gold is more than an herbal supplement. It is a transformational substance that acts on and benefits the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The herbs in the Tonic Gold formula are the carrier for alchemical Potable Gold, the active ingredient.


    What is alchemical Potable Gold?

    Potable Gold is spirit that has been transformed into matter by a genuine alchemist. This universal substance has been prepared in such a way that it can be readily absorbed by the human body.

    What is alchemy and how does it differ from other healing traditions?

    An ancient science, alchemy is practiced in many cultures. Alchemy incorporates aspects of chemistry, medicine, physics, astrology, geology, metallurgy and spiritual knowledge. An alchemist replicates universal physical and spiritual processes in an accelerated and highly focused way, producing unique substances that are not attainable through any other method.


    Why is alchemy so little known?

    Many pioneers in medicine and science have studied alchemy, but the tradition became obscured over the last few centuries by an exclusively mechanistic approach to science. In the 20th century, Carl Jung revived the world’s interest in alchemy and, in recent decades, genuine alchemical formulations are becoming available to the general public for the first time


    What are the instructions for using Tonic Gold and how does it taste?

    The recommended daily amount is 1-3 drops on the tongue. Taking 1 drop is sufficient to receive the full benefits. Tonic Gold has a pleasant taste - slightly spicy with a hint of anise.


    Will I feel anything when I take Tonic Gold?

    Tonic Gold acts upon the deepest strata of our bodymind system. If you're sensitive to subtle body shifts, you'll feel its effect immediately. If you're not yet that sensitive, it may take a while to be conscious of the changes that it is initiating. Be patient, stay tuned in to how you feel, and within a couple of months you'll begin to notice the profound transformations that are underway.


    How long and  how often should I take Tonic Gold?

    Petri recommends that we take Tonic Gold on an ongoing, but not continuous basis. What this means is: take Tonic Gold on a regular daily basis, for two or three months, then take a break of a couple of weeks (or even a break for one week per month). This break challenges our body to maintain, on its own, the energetic shifts that the Tonic Gold has initiated. Then begin taking the formula again, for another two or three months, then once again take a break of a couple of weeks. Each new round will bring you to a new level of energetic health and vitality. This is not a theoretical claim, but comes from sharing from personal experience. My life would not be half as fabulous without the beneficial influence of Tonic Gold.

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